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  3. There is a rematch button

There is a rematch button. Use it, don't run.

i use it aganist weak players mwhhaahhaah. no im joking i use it ofthen but when u got to go you gotta go you know.

I only use if i lost but it was close and my Opponent is way higher rated then am :)

There is a redundant button.

(It‘s ok with me if both agree. But I don’t want to be bothered with a hardliner re-macho while getting off the train e.g.)

Nope! I will take people's points and run away laughing. Botherations?

There is a rematch button. Buttons are there because you can click them if you want and not click them if you don't. If rematches were compulsory, there wouldn't be a button.

Rematch is a choice. You are not entitled to it.

No, thanks. I am almost never interested in more than one game of chess. I like to analyze each game I play.

you can do it after you play 99999999999999 games

There should be at least 5 bullet games against one opponent or you lose 100 points. I am tired of these cowards who get one lucky win and then they are running.

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