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  3. There is a rematch button

If you label people who beat you as cowards running away just because they don't wish to play you again, well they have a name for that: "Sore Loser". No wonder they don't want to play you. I also don't wish to replay whiny teenagers with underdeveloped but aggressive social skills. :)

why 5? then u'll play 3 of them with white , it wouldnt be honest. there should be minimum 12 games , without variants, otherwise a man who declined will lose his acc on lichess forever.
We gonna say no! for those people, who play when they have just 3 free minutes at work or at school, or people with bad connection. All urgent matters can wait till you're playing your next bullet match.
Ps. i almost always accept at least one rematch, but still get some shit in the game chat. Only today one of my opponents said im a faggot, the next one said that im a loser (he lost vs me with 3-23 score). And one 2700+ player, vs who i won today , just blocked me.
some days ago i played a very long (20+ games) bullet match , and when i declined the next re, my opp said that im just a coward.

some elements of luck are usual in bullet chess , one time you win on luck, the next time your opponent (another opponent). But when your opponent wins every game vs you "on luck" there is not his luck anymore

49 minutes ago

There should be at least 5 bullet games against one opponent or you lose 100 points. I am tired of these cowards who get one lucky win and then they are running.

Thats like the pot calling the kettle Black!
Will you take cheese with that whine?

There's a resign button. Better use it if you play against me.

I m a low rated player who loves to play bullet. If someone is runnig away after the game I block him. I hate it.

and what if their house is on fire?

I couldn't imagine why someone would get so upset that their chess opponent is named xxbutterfly12 instead of torsotorpedo111 or whatever the name of your last opponent is. Just play someone else. Is your ego really so fragile that you can't stand the fact that one person out there beat you and you have to try to extract revenge for it?

If so, I definitely don't want to play you, because that type of emotion is what leads to ethically questionable decision-making with regards to using assistance during the game. I'd rather spend my time playing people that control themselves better than that.

I normally don't do rematches, but then I normally play 15+15 and don't wish to take the time for two games in a row. If I'm playing blitz I'll accept a rematch.

I don't do rematches. I play in Zen mode and only find out who I have been playing and their rating after the game is over.

There are loads of people out there to play. I don't see any point in a rematch whether I win or lose.

I am not surprised that cowards are whining here, because they are trying to talk off the fact that they have no spine.

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