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Yes it's a different game, but a better one. One in which quality of play is emphasized over outcome.
Also, getting a takeback for a mouse slip will not negatively affect one's chess thinking because a mouseslip doesn't reflect what was going on inside their mind in the first place.

I am so confused by the storm in a teacup over takebacks. I don't allow takebacks because I have no idea about the motivation of my opponent so I assume - correctly or incorrectly - that because he is playing a rated game against me he is trying to win and therefore playing his best moves. If I want to explore the quality of my chess game why would I play a rated game? And why would I try to tyrannise over someone trying to bully them into accepting my errors. If they've chosen no takebacks then no takebacks it is. Sometimes it is only about choices and on this site there's room for people to takeback or not to takeback. Maybe we all need to learn to accept and respect the wishes of others and simply take responsibility for only two things - everything we say and everything we do - as individuals.

One further remark:

I consider such a behaviour grossly negligent or even schizophrenic: you bring yourself voluntarily & deliberately into severe zeitnot (by playing blitz or bullet) and when the consequential accidents happen you want a fully comprehensive insurance paid by your opponent?


I needed some help with "zeitnot", used above. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Maybe in the minority who doesn't know, but hopefully this helps.

From Zeit (“time”) +‎ Not (“need”).

(chess) time trouble, time pressure, zeitnot
→ English: zeitnot
→ French: zeitnot
→ Russian: цейтно́т (cejtnót)

When you look in the key of the mighty informant or some other books you’ll learn that „zeitnot“ has found its way in nearly all languages worldwide. Time trouble is perfectly reasonable, sure.