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Bernard Baptiste

I play e4 as white and the sicilian najdorf/kings indian as black. I play opponents <2200 then I will try to play a gambit . So I play the Smith Morra in response to 1. ... c5, and the Evans gambit if I decide to play the Giocco Piano and my opponent plays 3. ... Bc5. Lichess suits my approach to chess which is calm and focussed, without getting too serious. I like Bobby Fischer's games and I g…

ECF rating: 128
Birmingham, United Kingdom

Member since Apr 30, 2018


Game completion rate: 93%

Time spent playing: 22 days, 12 hours and 57 minutes

Time on TV: 22 minutes

Chess Insights Analytics from Oxytocinblb's games

4 wins1 draw3 losses
Played 8 Rapid games18847

2 wins1 draw2 losses
Played 5 Rapid games18777
Posted 2 messages in Words (forum game)

5 wins9 losses
Played 14 Rapid games187045

3 wins1 draw3 losses
Played 7 Rapid games19155

3 wins2 losses
Played 5 Rapid games19109
Posted 2 messages in Words (forum game)

4 wins
Played 4 Rapid games190138

6 wins6 losses
Played 12 Rapid games18639
Started following 1 player