Take back option.

If there is a player that does not have the take back option on, I would like there to be a change so I will not be paired with such a player. How can this change be made?

Seems like a waste of time to implement to me. The vast majority won't accept takebacks in rated games anyway & if its unrated then what does it matter either way. Also shouldn't this be in lichess feedback?

Are there any players who actually have takeback option on? I haven't seen any for a long time. Try

Interesting concept of some sort of auto blocker for anyone who has takebacks disabled although even if such a thing were implemented it would have minimal fruits for anyone using it, and I'll explain why.

I leave take back proposals on, and I'll explain why.

I don't play rated very often, but in rated games, I have hardly ever allowed for a takeback. However, I keep it on just in case the following beneficial scenario occurs which is a rare scenario: I am somewhat in time trouble and I want to use a bit of my remaining clock to think over the position after a takeback, and the move the takeback was asked on was not a particularly bad move. So I'll generally in a rated game only give you a take back if the move you made was not a mistake & I want to think for a minute or two for free. Sometimes people make a GOOD move and want a take back and then go on to blunder. If I see the potential for you to choose another move and blunder, by all means, take the take back.

As for unrated games I'm generally pretty loose when it comes to giving a take back. Lower rated players are more likely to get one. If your rating is higher than mine I'm not likely to give one. If we both initially missed a tactic, but I some how closed off an opportunity that we both noticed after that move I generally don't give the take back. (for instance if you had a mate in 2, but I stopped it and made the position equal I won't give you a take back)

TL:DR Version: You probably won't get too many take backs even if the other players has the option allowed so your idea won't help you so much.

How about auto block of anyone with allowing takebacks option turned on?

Automatically blocking all the take-beggars. It would be so great!
These players are very annoying! Please read post #4 for an example of an opportunistic, evil, and malicious take-beggar!

i dont think takebacks are allowed in fide chess? o may be wrong, i have takebacks disabled, the reason is that you should think BEFORE you move so if you fail to do this why should i give you a chance to make a better move after you blunder? i only play unrated games though, since i like my opponent to think i may be much better than i am so you play the best game you can regardless of what my rating might be.

you are in luck! there is an even better option!

its called move confirmation. now you dont have to worry about people accepting takebacks, because you will never have to propose one again. they wont even have a CHANCE to decline your request!

@Daeburon #8
Move confirmation would be a great feature! It would be great to add a feature that your opponent needs to confirm all your moves. If your opponent declines your move, you must make a different move. Then on opponent's turn, your opponent cannot make a move without your confirmation. No takebacks would be necessary once this feature is implemented!