Rules Question Concerning Checkmate and the Clock

There was a match where my clock fell but my opponent did not tell the arbiter, I won.

It's like scoring the winning run in baseball...even though there is still game-time left,the winning run ends the game instantly.

@Sarg0n in your example, if there is a stalemate (or check mate, for that matter), the game ends right there, and it's good practice to stop both clocks, rather than let them run. this is all in the uscf rule book (14a and 14a1, edition 6). now, in your example, there was a stalemate, and then a resignation (for whatever strange reason). in this case, the clocks should be stopped, the director called. he/she will declare a stalemate, a special case of a draw. (pretty sure i am correct in all this... i've never dealt with this situation)

the stalemate ended the game immediately. now, if a player had let their clock run out during the commotion ------ that issue might have to be clarified also, frankly.

if the flag falls before the move for stalemate is completed, then time forfeiture is in effect over stalemate, as the time ran out before the stalemate.

to me, the uscf's rules on checkmate and stalemate make sense: the position on the board is what counts, and stalemate and checkmate are about the ultimate positions in chess. you don't want some 'rule' to invalidate either of those, (once the position on the board is completed within time constraints.)

Uhm, there have been games where both don’t recognize illegal moves, checkmates, stalemates? If the game is continued, no arbiter present, signed the scoresheet, that counts.

Remember the game with the illegal castling? The rule says that the last legal position has to be restored but... they played on and that counted. The arbiters haven’t noticed it despite of live surveillance...

@Sarg0n uhm - yes --- i think i was just clarifying that players have options they should exercise before the game ends, and they're signing sheets, etc... i may have misread your post.

arbiters in the us are not obligated to correct illegal moves, it's almost always up to the players to stop the clock, call the arbiter, present their cases. so yeah, game continues............

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