I got banned from while I was playing Sunway Sitges Online.

@Ludo_king Its no longer about cheating, I think it has already been proven that there was no cheating done, but it is about how fails to accept that they ban without even verifying. I received tons of message from people who told me about their case.

It is also a issue about getting scammed. The said organizer won't return the entry-fees, won't revert the unfair point given to my opponent and obviously membership is also not refundable;

I am not really worried about the money though, I am more about creating awareness of these kind of happenings in the chess world.

@chessanalyst actually, yes. So thats why they changed my flag from Fair Play Violation because I had the link with me and shared it everywhere.

If you look at the player's other ratings, he has had a 2000+ rating in blitz since the day after his account was created, and the 1288 rating is for rapid, over only 4 games, only one of which can be found (for some reason). The one game that I was able to find was a loss, and it was a forfeit.

The GM apparently didn't get the memo that he had 90 minutes, because there were exactly 5 moves where he spent more than 30 seconds, and only one where he spent more than a minute (130.5 seconds on move 9). I'm guessing that he severely underestimated his opponent because he saw a 1288 rating that was incredibly inaccurate.

I wonder what consist of abuse? maybe they consider have too low rating relative your skill as abuse?

Sarg0n says: When the last club is shut down, the last Open closed, the last King disappeared and the last flag fallen, you will realize that you cannot play chess online earnestly.

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