I got banned from while I was playing Sunway Sitges Online.

Sometimes when bars close, they don't let me poop anymore. Is that what you mean CM Sargoff?

I doubt very much that a smart cheater would be caught, it's pretty impossible if you think about it.
There are other ways of cheating than playing like 3000 elo.

You played with black piezes, against a GM with +2600, you win and you finished with 86 minutes !!!!

Hi, I hope you really did not used any assisitance and sometimes really makes serious mistakes. But is it okay for you and is it your normal chess to finish full standard game against strong 2600 GM with 1 hour and 26 minutes on clock? I hardly can imagine that. This is the only weird point in whole situation.

The real shame in that situation is you get to play against grandmaster and you don't use almost any of your time and blitz out your moves.

While it's maybe odd that the winner finished with 86 minutes, I find it equally odd that the grandmaster finished with 95 minutes - maybe that had a lot to do with why he lost.

Actually it's not weird at all because the GM he played against had more time at the end of the game than the time he started with.

Starting time was 90 minutes for each player.
The GM ended with 95 minutes and black ended up with 87 minutes.

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