I got banned from while I was playing Sunway Sitges Online.

Are you referring to the lichess4545 league game I lost? Yeah I played very fast and deservedly lost. But I did take my time in the two (not counting my tragic 3rd round game) games I played in the Sitges tournament. This league is more fun than serious.

Poor GM. Blitzing out his moves at such speed, he clearly thought he was playing a 1200 rated player. If only he knew he was playing somebody twice that rating. More specifically, a player with the first name, Stock, last name Fish. is a horrible site. I quit playing there completely. Their technology is unbelievably flawed. When you watch or play on it fills up your browser cache to the point where your computer freezes. Also, trolls have broken through security to invent a thousand usernames that they use to troll chat rooms. somehow cannot eliminate all attempts to create accounts by banning IP addresses. Finally, most chats are stupid or vulgar. People talk about doo-doo or penises or having sex with your mother/sister.

I only go to if two top GMs are playing. It actually seems like top GM games on are getting rarer because when I log in it's not infrequent that the top two or three games involve an FM with an untitled player. I don't miss and I doubt I'll ever play another game there.

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It's actually super impressive how many times you played the top engine move in less than 30 seconds! I would worry about wasting my winning position against a GM! I'd feel like I'm throwing the game wasting my 1 hour 25 minutes left!

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