How to evaluate any position in chess by GM Skembris

Just copied it from Carlsen, Kramnik et al. They describe it as „random“.

I think it's pretty clear that strong players calculate mainly based on pattern recognition/intuition since there are too many moves for humans to calculate.

Nice lecture by GM Skembris! I took a shot at describing how stronger players go about it in an interactive study a few weeks ago. This is all based off of studies and experiments that I was reading at the time and barely represents any of my own work. I mean.. then I borrowed some historic games to use as a canavas.. @shakki-mestari123

@DrHack #13
Nice that you made that study.
Just curious, did you read "Move first, think later" by IM Willy Hendriks ?
I found it very refreshing and interesting to read (And btw it kind of bashes Kotov and Silman methods).

@DrHack for chapter 3, it says nailed it for the right move, but the octopus button isn't green?

Hrm, thought I got it wrong then saw it was a winning continuation but it never went down that line. The study stops after one move.

uh oh.. will fix.. The studies promote random moves to the top of the tree when I visit the study sometimes. Not sure how to repeat the bug or I'd file a report.

@achja The first method there is not from silman or kotov. It is from a puzzle solving enthusiast - A.J. Roycroft

I haven't read Hendrik's work.. but I'll go find it now. ;) . Thx.

I‘m a big fan of Hendriks. Having read some hundred chess books eventually there‘s a one who described my thinking process properly.

Forget about rules! Forget Kotov! Do you think like a tree? I don’t. The Russians tried to „normalize“ the thinking, alas in vain. You see a position, the pieces start to to move in your head.

Sarg0n‘s advice: don’t think about your thinking process. Think free-style, let the pieces move in your head „free“. Expose yourself to as much serious chess content as possible but don’t try to emulate a tree. Evaluate the position by moving the pieces in your head. If it takes some repetitions calculating, who cares?