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LM Lance5500 lichess coach

LM Mr Lance

"Chess is like bodybuilding. If you train every day, you stay in top shape. It is the same with your brain – chess is a matter of daily training." - Vladimir Kramnik

Location Online, Russia
Languages English, Russian
Rating 2440 2540 2623 2114 2334 2348
Hourly rate Similar to famous streamer from Ireland.
Availability Now accepting students
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About me

I am Lance, experienced online chess coach from Russia.

I got to know the game early and since this moment I love chess instantly and forever. I have a passion for playing and teaching and I love both activities.

I do highly appreciate student/coach relationship and I try to do my best for my chess students. I've also noticed that I feel more happy from my students' chess successes in comparing to mine (as a player).

Playing experience

I am experienced online chess player (10+ years) and 10x Lichess Marathon Winner.

Large experience of online play against famous players including top10-100 Fide GrandMasters (more than 1000 games and not bad score finally).

This unique experience of play vs some of the best chessplayers in the world has improved me the most as a teacher and player.

Teaching experience

Coaching online for more than 10 years.
Lessons in English and Russian.

Other experiences

I love to watch twitch. There are a lot of great lichess streamers there.

Best skills

I concentrate on maximisation of the general chess understanding.

I teach not how to memorize but how to understand. I trust that understanding and logic (and regular practice of the new knowledges) are the most important in chess.

Teaching methodology

I review students' games and see their weakness and strength and prepare my recommendations for their further chess improvement.

We review the most important basics to make sure that student is familiar with it and then work on the constant perfection of the student according to his current weakness and needs.

I am flexible for my students, so I can teach them anything (inside my spectrum of knowledges, skills and abilities) anytime according to the current student's preference.

Of course I can recommend to study together something concrete as well, either according to our general plan of the student's chess improvement or according to student's recent games or other difficulties student might have had from doing homework or other chess activities - in order to keep student's chess understanding maximally clear.

Public studies

GM Anton Demchenko vs Lance 57 • LM Lance5500 •

  1. Falstaf (2929) vs Lance2000 (2876)
  2. Falstaf (2958) vs Lance2000 (2884)
  3. Falstaf (2914) vs Lance2000 (2889)
  4. Falstaf (2970) vs Lance2000 (2916)
  1. LM Lance5500

Lance vs GM Hikaru Nakamura 53 • LM Lance5500 •

  1. Lance3000 (3013) vs Star Wars (3391)
  1. zachess
  3. ProgramFOX
  4. mHeidelberg

Lance vs GM Hikaru Nakamura 28 • LM Lance5500 •

  1. Lance3000 (3057) vs Star Wars (3348)
  1. zachess
  3. mHeidelberg
  4. ARTty

Lance vs GM Hikaru Nakamura 23 • LM Lance5500 •

  1. Lance2000 (2968) vs Star Wars (3352)
  1. LM Lance5500

Lance vs GM Anish Giri 32 • LM Lance5500 •

  1. LanceFamily (2897) vs Anish Giri (3009)
  1. zachess
  3. luisk75
  4. mHeidelberg

Lance vs GM Nigel Short 13 • LM Lance5500 •

  1. LanceFamily (2875) vs Nigel Short (3052)
  1. zachess
  3. Nechto37
  4. mHeidelberg

Youtube videos from my channel