D4 vs E4

Lol @Sarg0n I've tried d4 a few times online and in otb blitz tournaments. Half the time I just fell asleep before I could make a 2nd move. So I'm sticking to e4...

I'd say 1. e4 is in a way more concrete / more forcing.

The question is kind of similar to the decision whether to go into a simpler ending from a position where you're better. Say, an adventageous rook ending where you at one point get the option to trade rooks and go into a pawn ending.
If the pawn ending is winning, then of course you should go for it. If it's a draw, then you should keep the rooks on the board and try to outplay your opponent from there (even if the objective, game-theoretical evaluation is still "draw").

So... if 1. e4 wins by force, then you should play it of course. If not, then the more subtle / less concrete 1. d4 is the better choice.

Unfortunately, nobody knows whether 1. e4 is a win or not... :p

Generally speaking ...

1. e4 is more „move-by-move“, clear plans

1.e4 e5 (center)
2.Sf3 Sc6 (attacking-defending)
3.Lb5 (dito) ...
4.0-0 (getting castled) ...

To the contrary:

1.d4 d5
2.c4 e6

White‘s aim is to win the minority attack...

CM is not a huge title at all.
I mean, people saying that e4 is always exciting and d4 always gets boring and is always solid are just ignorant.
And by the way, my vote goes to e4.

My ELO is 2202 but I won't get the CM title because I don't want to...
Most CMs are little children who got the title at U8 or U10 championships. At big tournaments you will find lots of CMs rated below 1800. The title doesn't give any information about your strength.

Grunfeld said I never open e4 cause I didn't make decisive mistake in openings,me I prefere Fischer and the romantic players of 1800