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  3. D4 vs E4

D4 is for those who try to keep it closed.
E4 is for those who try to open it up.

White can always chose not to close it up after any opening
You can't just say d4 is always closed

People often classify D4 openings as being closed and positional and E4 openings as being open and tactical, but this isn't always true. For example, the Budapest Gambit is quite an open D4 game, and the Advance Caro-Kann is quite a closed E4 opening.

I guess people who say that usually themselves play 1. e4 exclusively and for black respond to 1. d4 with KID. Despite the name, many of 1. d4 stuff is not closed at all, it's just different.

Just as I hate d4. I hate the caro kahn against e4.

1.e4 is recommended to noobs because it can easily be understood „move-by-move“. And many stick to it their whole life.

The true cowards are those who play only one opening move in their whole life.

well then, Bobby Fischer was a coward, my life was a lie.

Bobby Fischer did say that 1.e4 was the best opening, but Bobby Fischer also said a lot of other things...

Bobby played 1.c4 against Spassky 1972 as well... Nuff sed.

Never!!!!!! 1. e4 for life :P

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