D4 vs E4

I generally agree with Sarg0n, chess is supposed to be an adventure. If you only ever play one opening, you are going to Disney and riding only one roller coaster the whole time.

Regarding e4 or d4, I used to hate d4s. The evident wish to slow things down annoyed me and struck me, as someone said above, as cowardly.

But with time, many many defeats and unexpected surprises later, I have concluded that d4 is just... A lot more interesting. it's sneakier. You both open yourself up to and allow yourself 20 different ways to be attacked or to attack. It can be much more convoluted, there can be a million centers plus a million hidden agendas. It's more rewarding for me.

These days, when I go for e4, I get bored. If I win, it wasn't that complicated, and if I lose it was for some stupid mistake. With d4, I crush egos or get mine crushed. If I feel smart and wanting to exercice my intelligence, I wreck the d4 games. If I feel dumb and blood thirsty, I kill at e4.

But this is very generalized. I'm sure in a couple of years I will be raving about how actually e4 is much more rich and complex in some subtle way.

In general, I try to dedicate myself to what I don't understand until I understand it. It seems to me e4 is not hard to understand, though it is hard to master, while why anyone would play d4 always baffled me, so I had to investigate : )

I don't even understand what "cowardly" is supposed to mean in terms of chess moves...
There are good moves and there are bad moves. If your opponent makes a bad move, take advantage of it. If you can't, maybe the move wasn't so bad...

People used to say that not accepting a gambit was "cowardly" - and then got crushed... lol

It's not white's job to let black enjoy the game...

"I don't even understand what "cowardly" is supposed to mean in terms of chess moves...
There are good moves and there are bad moves. If your opponent makes a bad move, take advantage of it. If you can't, maybe the move wasn't so bad..."

Yeah, I've come to see it this way... It's more fun, gives a wider universe.

I think written words translate into some sort of emotion.
If we feel no emotion with words, then they become only hot air.

If our vocabulary is limited we will be forced to use a word that does not exactly fit in the sentence to express our feelings.

I think, some people like to use inappropriate words or show the middle finger in hope that it hurts the other person. Solution: Smile at it. :)

I think, a picture is worth a thousand words.
Facial expressions give off an emotion too.

An action gives a reaction and so sometimes it's best to simply pretend you did not notice the comments.

Zero tolerance in choice of words will only lead to frustration. Accepting does not mean you agree. Accepting is accepting the word or action that has happened and move on to better moments. Once you accept something, it is already getting processed to be filed away. It's like a nightmare that never goes away. Put an ending to it, even if it makes no sense. That is accepting the things that cannot be changed. The past comment cannot be changed. They can only be erased or covered up with time.

So lets get back to the subject matter about e4 & d4 or request to close the topic.

If we look at the
d4 is in the lead.
e4 is down the list.

Use the general principle rules of Emanuel Lasker to play out your opening moves.

The e4 or d4 pawn moves does not mean it's going to be an easy short game.

A material advantage requires the help of a positional advantage. Play one of the two pawns in the center. Play a knight before the kings bishop and try to play the Queens bishop last.

I love the colle system and i play D4 a lot.

D4 attacks dark squares and E4 attacks white squares. So black notice this and will play differently of course. Its up to black if he wants to sacrifice his bishop or not in the game, this opens up total different lines.

I believe D4 has faster lines and setups in Ub than E4, whos lines are more tactical.

Its a matter of taste, if your good, you win anyway


@#67 1.Nc3 is not considered to be as good as 1.Nf3, because it blocks in the c pawn which you are likely to want to move, it does not prepare kingside castling, which is the most common, and the b1 knight is more likely to be better off on a square different from c3 (usually d2) than the g1 knight on a square different from f3.

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