D4 vs E4

Well, I played 20 years e4-only. Then both moves, now almost exclusively d4 (resp. 1.Nf3 or 1.c4). I find it "deeper", richer as well as more profound and more sustainable. Had recently won some games against decent FMs, so I'll stick to d4/Nf3/c4. I think Black has an easier life equalizing against 1.e4.


in '' the immortal game'' Anderssen opened 1.e4- e5 2.f4-exf4 3.Bc4
me I am just a chess lover but with black colour I feel more Quiet if my opponent open d4

The more remarkable games tend to be in e4 openings, since its not as cliche, if you will, not to say d4 is an inherently bad opening, but is generally slower paced and inequalities typically arise from e4, like the caro kann and sicilian, always fun to watch. Yes, KID is an interesting line against d4, but e4 just prepeares for a more exciting game. Some people tho, are Berlin players who make me want to sleep. Seriously tho, nothing is better than a good Fischer (Sozin) attack.

If you play anything other than e4 you're literally just handicapping yourself lmfao

*says the 2077 blitz*
If you play just online and you're not serious, then you don't need to play both

Now to be serious.
All openings have a purpose and all openings must be studied if you wanna improve.
*However* I'm never playing d4 against anyone in fast time formats unless I wanna break a losing streak against a player.

I simply find e4 more fun.

But yes, there are amazing positional ideas to be played in d4 and if you wanna understand chess more you have to study them, not everything in chess is a windmill tactic that lets you be 100 pieces up against someone, sometimes to win a game you have to escort a lonely pawn during 10000 moves before it queens and you win, and this is obviously more difficult to understand.

But still, e4 for life :P