Fat Fritz is not the Only Ripoff and now ChessBase is Getting Sued


EDIT: Thanks lichess for giving us updates. I thought honestly that it was completely over but it turns out it wasn’t. It’ll be interesting how this lawsuit goes.

Wow, Thank you lichess chess for making updates

It must be extremely frustrating to go to so much work to develop one of the strongest engines in the world, release it and its source code for free, encourage people to modify and improve it, and have someone else copy it, sell it, and pretend it was theirs all along. I hope the Stockfish team wins their case. I would like to know how they know that Houdini is based on Stockfish, however, because I wouldn't expect a paid chess engine to have its source code available.

The fact that ChessBase tries to sell any engine for the prices they charge when there are better ones for free is a ripoff in-and-of itself.

Add in the fact that they are actually using those free engines and then just painting over it and it's just ridiculous.

Please don't ever pay money for a chess engine ever (especially $50+). There's no need, no matter what companies like CB and others tell you.

well at least lichess is good. i prev. use to do my studies in chessbase. but now as i use lichess, i think the study feature is way better

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