Fat Fritz 2 is a rip-off

We've got a serious question here if monkeys, dolphins, octopuses, elephants and crows should have law-protected rights.

Because I'm very convinced most of this thread pages are written by less intelligent animals than ones mentioned above.

People make a free engine only for the purpose of giving people free access to top engines and chessbase takes it and tries to resell it for cash, how unbelievably scummy.

I entered Lichess in 2018 and I've been playing since then, so I'm giving Lichess 100%. 💯

@jeffreyashton The matter with Rybka is not at all as obvious as is the case with Fat Fritz 1 & 2. I think there is a lot evidence for Rybka using code from open source engines but it is undeniable there was quite a lot of own code and ideas in there as well. Another difference is that Rybka was actually stronger than all other engines which also can't be said for Fat Fritz.
In FatFritz there are literally no lines of new code so the case is a lot clearer.

One thing Chessbase/Albert silver did was to remove all other authors from the code and only after serious pressure they put them back in. This and the fact that we even had to pressure them into publishing the source are perhaps the worst license violations.
Because of the claim of FF2 being the strongest engine we have another violation of GPLv3 and German law as well (both prohibit making provably false claims about the software in question). The German law in this case of course only matters because Chessbase is a German company.

I honestly cannot remember the last time I saw something this egregious within the software development community.

Thank you lichess for that great article! I am very disappointed with Chessbase, especially since I have been a customer there for some time

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