Regium: Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

They should have 24 hours to fire Alex...

Being quick to anger and take a victim stance is "liar/scam/bluff" 101

If they had what they claims, that message had been more like "We are going to post a updated video that better shows how the board works and would be honored if lichess featured it on your homepage"
" leading to suspicion that this was in fact a video achieved by "stop motion" and then edited. Stop motion video is achieved by taking an individual photo, moving objects by hand, then taking the next frame of the video"

my friend said she just got an add for it on Facebook and comments are being deleted. This really looks like a cash grab.

I already have a board that's moving pieces by itself - it's right inside my head!

I too, am quite pissed at the guy who sold it to me.

Yes I wondered how long it would be before it turned up on Facebook, @D3RASP, those ads seem like the best way for them to get quick purchases, after they’ve got all the Kickstarter cash.

Wow, I just watched the YouTube video and it's remarkable how, no matter how long the demonstrator takes to retract his hand after a move -- sometimes stopping to table a piece, sometimes pulling away immediately -- the board starts moving pieces at the very moment his hand and its shadow are out of frame, and finishes just before they come back in.

I love the integrity from Lichess as a service. Screw this conman crap.

Cheers to lichess for not bending over and posting about this. BDE move right there.