Regium: Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

LiChess: Here's the email where they threatened to sue us if we didn't take down the forums on it.

Also LiChess: Discuss more here in this forum!

LMAO I love it.

Oh and that video is sus on a lot of levels..

I am a photographer, and the light created on the horse when the queen passes could be a lens effect. In fact, there is another place where the queen crosses the horse and we do not see that diffraction. Nor in the movements of other pieces.
On the other hand, I wanted to say that all the doubts that arise in this thread, Regium answered them with a second video, where a trick, CGI or Stop Motion is impossible:

In case the first video is not real, something that I doubt but I cannot demonstrate it, it could have an explanation, let's not forget that it is a Kickstarter project, this means that it is an evolving prototype, maybe in the first video the e-Board was not as evolved as in the second video. The important thing is that, contrary to what TCF_Namelecc says, I think that with the second video they have gained the credibility they needed, for me it is definitive.

@Talisy, for the sake of transparency, do you have any ties with RegiumChess? Or are you just an independant photographer?

why if someone has a different opinion is suspicious?

You are a member for 4 days, you endorse Regium, you try to confer authority on yourself saying you are a photographer. You talk about horses!

You'd think that a marketing manager would know it's bad for marketing to threaten to sue your prospective partners before the product even comes out. This is a pretty great way for them to alienate their prospective future customer base, too. I'll just avoid anything Regium now. Not because the product might be bad (maybe its good) but because of the temper tantrum if anyone talks about their product. No thanks.