Regium: Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

I really hope it's not fake, it looks great! I'd be disappointed if it's a fake, but the movement of the pieces seems too fast and accurate. Right now I'm waiting for evidence. If they refuse to provide evidence to the chess community (Lichess, I'll just assume that it's fake.

They may be faking it, but boy did it look good in the second video.

Yes, I said "horse", I'm guilty, sorry for my bad english.

What a poor company ...
Will never put a cent on any of their product !
When you see how they are dealing with the community (threatening people to sue them, refusing to provide answers, creating fake accounts on forums, etc ...), even if they end up with a good product, I will never buy it and give those kind of people my money !

I really love the addendum to the original post. The best disinfectant is sunlight.

I don't know why you said that I'm from Regium, with my rhetorical question I meant to say that not attacking Regium does not mean belonging to Regium.

Why is it that Talisy has responded 3 separate times since the question was asked, but still has not answered it? Interesting...or whatever.