Bad people.

Takebacks? That’s tic-tac-toe level. I would never look at such a game. Worthless.

I wonder if there will ever be a day when there are no more forum posts of people whining about takebacks. What a great day that would be.


Players who do not give takeback are weak? Well I am weak, but way stronger than you and I dont ask nor give takebacks. I woudl endeavour to assume @Sarg0n is quite bit stronger than me and appears not give nor ask takebacks

Lichess players can divided in two groups
- Those who know how use resign button after a blunder
- Those who thing takeback request is substitute to resigning


I ask a takeback. If they refuse, I resign and blacklist.
So I actually resign if they do not grant.

However, seems nobody was actually able to answer my question: "What does a takeback cost to the allower?"

Which leads me to think I'm right.

you can always use the move confirmation option so that if you made a bad move, you have to verify that the move you made is actually what you wanted to do.

It cost doing things that are not part of chess. And I play chess. Quite simple

Putting a moralizing question for someone‘s own fault onto the opponent is highly unfair. That is very subtle form of disturbance yet sustainable.

Don’t ever do that! No master would behave that way.

but there are always going to be bad people in the world, and you also have to understand that the world is not split into good people and bad people. some people just want to win...bad. i get your point and i understand where you are coming from, but just because people treat you like shit, does not mean you have to let it get under your skin.


The cost is switching focus from thinking about the next move to thinking about whether the opponent's previous move actually was a mouseslip or whether they are just trying to save their ass after a blunder.
You noticed the correlation yourself: better players are more against takebacks than weaker ones who develop less "flow" that could be interrupted (and flow has nothing to with points - you didn't address my previous argument about that either, by the way).