Bad people.

Again you are not replying, but enforcing my point of view.

Quoting " But *usually*, opponents (and arbiters) will allow you to correct your move if it really clearly was unintentional (someone hitting you on the head during your move etc.) AND you have not pressed the clock yet. "

So that happens IRL but not here. Why?

I give you a suggestion: people do not look each others in the eyes. If you want to be a bad person, then you are allowed too, and you hide behind a nickname/monitor so you don't even have to face the shame of your opponent gazing at you and saying "Are you serious? Didn't you see that my hand slipped?"

That's it.
As soon as people who do not grant undo are likely to admit this, the whole point may be moved on.

That doesn't change anything, you know this very well.

But ok, it's pretty understandable that you don't want to admit what I wrote.
I can cope with that.

"Happy" chessplaying.

It does, and you are just ignoring it.

Just like the move confirmation thing.

Well, happy "chessplaying"* to you.

*I just saw that you are labeled as a cheater. Who would have thought.

Aah! I discussed with a cheater. I will go to hell joining him.

Wow, ACPL 8 and triple 0

You've been flagged as a cheater @UnAttimoAlChess

You won't be able to play any more rated games because you use engines.

I do NOT use engines.
1) I play blitz games. Either I am flash or what?
2) I do not understand what this means. I've always plaied correctly. My rating is very poor, I lost a lot of games, if I use engines, they must be very poor engines.

This is kinda ridicoulous. I understand people winning arguments by proving their point, but winning arguments by muting your opponent with false accuses is very sad.