Achieve 2000 rating without studying, just game experience, is it possible?

I am wondering if is possible to achieve 1 2000 rating without any study, just from direct experience.
In the last months i am trying to play higher opponents, and i won in order of magnitude (1987) (1856)(1804) (1776) (1774) ratings, my rating right now is 1527. I never study any game or book, i m trying to see where only direct experience i can achieve good rating. I kind of have the feeling that when i concentrate and achieve 6 moves ahead ( 3 by player ) plus the increment time so to check on blunders, that could be achievable....what y thinking? on the bottom of this idea is that i kind of like chess without the memorizing part....i feel otherwise become too mechanics. of course i ll memorize from my experience too, but being from my personal games, make it more authentic and reflect more myself.

Erm...Well I learned by direct experience. I played a ton of blitz on when I was younger and that's how I learned. I haven't really studied books either, but I know a lot of theory from online resources. To get 2000 you should know some decent theory. Calculating that far ahead isn't that important either, just avoiding one move blunders and understanding space and initiative. I would always suggest you learn some opening theory, as they just give you a comfortable game and often an advantage, but yes, you could probably get to 2000 through playing experience only.

Yes you can! :-)
But you will have to analyse your "game experience" and learn from your mistakes rather than starting a new game after you have lost.
Like if you get tricked in the opening, you look up after the game what is the correct move and play it in your next game.
Few moves later there will be another trap waiting for you - you fall for it - you look up the engine suggestion and play it next game.
I even think that this method sticks better rather than studying lines throught some videos/books/databases.
It is fun to play and to study is boring. :0
Happy chessing and all best!

yes it's possible In my case I never read any book sometimes I solve puzzles and solve practice Lesson on lichess it's help me out to reach 2144 in bullet and almost 2100 in blitz on lichess.

Rather, copy others theory I create my self opining theory in bullet which is confusing for top rated players sometimes it's work sometimes it's not but I always learn from my games also I manage to won against some very high rated players in lichess also I create a chance play against some high rated players such as peng, Opper, and many others GMs in Arena.

On lichess its not that hard i reached 1900 blitz and 2k +rapid wititout studying at all(expect whatching free yt chess videos) and im not very talented for chess

Well, it seems a crazy hard way.
Jut play and learn some basics theory online, you can find videos and any sort of materia online

Dear @Monder23 , I must disappoint you. You can't achieve 2000 rating without studying any opening theory at all.
Maybe as a most talented girl/guy like Funkmouse you can. But as an average chessplayer (like me) it's impossible to survive a game without any knowledge of openings and tactics in the middlegame. I don't talk about the endgame :)
Sorry for my poor English. Joe

Yes I reached 2300 in ultra like that! I originally had 1900 just a month ago when I joined :D :D

@Tante-Emma I have to disagree with you. I have been playing this game for a year and 2 months and don't study any opening theory. Just games and tactics and I am 2000 rapid and bullet(slightly but I will reach go further than my current ratings pretty soon). I don't consider myself a nonaverage chess player. maybe I'm not. IDK but it is possible. You can't achieve it not trying to learn anything if that's what he is saying