Sarg0n's fresh blitz games

The daily KID. 6.Bd3 is far from optimal, in conjunction with dxe5 White is struggling for equality. Black typically concedes the d-file to White because he has other targets in mind. Computer ain‘t like ...h6. :-/

1/0/0, ACPL 15

Taste of my own medicine. I consider double fianchetto as a quiet yet strong weapon which I am currently playing myself. For the record: b3 is inaccurate! Well then...

Tripling on files or on the 7th rank is well-known, here’s one on the 6th (3rd) rank.

Exchange variations attract many amateurs, just learning some basic plans, no theory, „easy“. Well, there are many drawbacks as well when playing the opening by ear.

There’s hardly any game without some tactical skirmishes. It‘s not necessarily always about material gains but often positional motifs. Good positional play is founded on tactical justification resp. achieved by tactical means (Jussupow/Dvoretzky).

Rolling over White:

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