IM DeepRabbit lichess coach

IM Luís Henrique Coelho

Guaranteed improvement through a personalized training program performed by an extremely dedicated coach!

LocationMontenegro-RS Brazil
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, Portuguese
RatingFIDE: 24012510236422862202
Hourly rate28 USD, which includes excellent homework material & continuous support in-between lessons
AvailabilityAccepting students

About me

International Master Luís Henrique Coelho, 38 years old, from Brazil.

A big shout out to the chess community all over the world! We are all, beyond any doubt, united by our love of this utterly wonderful game.

My e-mail is Send me an e-mail to receive "My Coaching Method", the text where I explain in detail my approach to training my chess students.

Playing experience

I was taught to play chess by my father at the age of 15, fell in love with the game instantly and started studying several hours a day literally since day one! That level of dedication and intensity allowed me to go from absolute beginner to International Master in a short time span of 6 years.

At that time I used to play very calculation-heavy attacking chess based on an aggressive 1.e4 opening repertoire. Since becoming an International Master my game has evolved to a more positional, well-rounded style where 1.d4 is my bread and butter. The large experience I've had with both styles and both types of repertoires enable me to coach my students into understanding in-depth any kind of repertoire suits their style the most.

Teaching experience

I’m a very dedicated and hard-working chess instructor who has a great amount of experience teaching chess to hundreds of students of literally every possible level - ranging from absolute beginners to FIDE Masters - for over 15 years. Back in the heyday of ICC, I was in their Top 10 list of most sought-after online chess coaches in the world for over four years running (between 2004 and 2008).

Other experiences

Apart from chess, I am also a dedicated foreign language learner. Other than my native Portuguese, I have an excellent command of both English and Spanish. I’m also an intermediate-to-advanced level speaker of French, Italian and German languages, but not quite ready to teach chess to native speakers of these languages yet!

Best skills

What I believe differentiates me as a coach is that not only do I love the game of chess, but I also absolutely love teaching! And for that reason, it’s an integral part of my coaching service to establish a closer working relationship with my students, in which I encourage them to send me their questions and doubts as often as they would like. When you become my student, you will have much more of my time available to you than just the actual training hours, and that is the reason I can confidently say that I offer one of the very best cost-benefit ratios in the online chess coaching market.

Teaching methodology

The lessons are hosted on Skype and can be done through audio only or video + audio (that's always the student's call). I also encourage my students to record our lessons using the Camtasia software (or similar), so that they can review the content we covered together at will.

I also create personalized training databases on my Chessbase software under my students' names, and I always keep expanding and updating them as the training progresses.

Public studies

DeepRabbit's Best Games

28 • IM DeepRabbit •
  1. Coelho,L (2223) - Cubas,J (2290), Brasilia 2001
  2. Egoroff,J (2235) - Coelho,L (2352), Paraná 2002
  3. Coelho,L (2392) - Crosa,M (2446), São José do Rio Preto 2003
  1. IM DeepRabbit

DeepRabbit's Study of the World Champions

22 • IM DeepRabbit •
  1. Steinitz,W - Chigorin,M, World Championship (m/4) Havana 1892.
  1. IM DeepRabbit

DeepRabbit's Analyses of Grandmaster Games

19 • IM DeepRabbit •
  1. Carlsen,M (2882) - So,W (2776), Sinquefield Cup 2019
  2. Rotlewi,G - Rubinstein,A, Lodz 1907
  1. IM DeepRabbit

DeepRabbit's Analyses of Amateur Games

19 • IM DeepRabbit •
  1. alex-sold (2169) - aCalBear (1822), lichess Classical (20 + 10)
  2. Bernardo Ferreira - Jailson Nobre, São Paulo 2018.
  1. IM DeepRabbit