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Learning Materials

Atomic Rules

Basic Openings – these studies are aimed at beginners with no prior atomic chess knowledge
Opening Queen TacticsOpening Knight TacticsIntro to 1.Nh3Intro to 1.Nf3 f6 2.Nd4Intro to 1.Nf3 f6 2.Nc3Refuting 1.e4 e5??

Advanced Openings – these studies require prior atomic chess knowledge
1.Nh3 f6?Modern 1.Nh3 Theory1.Nf3 f6 2.e3 MegastudyDetailed Analysis of 1.Nf31.Nf3 f6 2.Nd4 Nh61.Nf3 f6 2.Nd4 Nh6 3.h3Theory of 1.e31.e3 e6 2.Nf31.Nc3

Basic Tactics StudyAtomic Chess PuzzlesAtomic Chess Endgame Practice

Basic EndgamesAtomic Endgames IAtomic Endgames IIAtomic Endgames IIIPawnitisationKR vs KPKQP vs KPK + 2 Pieces vs KPKPP vs KPKRP vs KPRule of the Rectangle

Videos on Atomic Chess
Tipau’s 1.Nh3 SeriesTipau’s 1.Nf3 SeriesTipau’s Basic Atomic EndgamesTipau’s Intermediate Atomic EndgamesTipau’s Advanced Atomic Endgames

Atomic Puzzles

Websites on Atomic Chess – here you may find lore and additional materials
Chronatog’s Chess SiteIllion’s Atomic

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U1900 Atomic Arena3+0 • Atomic • Rated • 1hInner team
U1900 Atomic Arena3+0 • Atomic • Rated • 1hInner team
Hyper Atomic Arena½+0 • Atomic • Rated • 30mInner team
Ultra Atomic Arena¼+0 • Atomic • Casual • 30mInner team
U1900 Atomic Arena3+0 • Atomic • Rated • 1hInner team


How to tell if something is wrong with Stockfishpumras_test •


How to tell if something is wrong with StockfishNNWill •

After many games, I have concluded that there is a simple test of telling if something is wrong with local Stockfish analysis. In atomic chess, if there are no problems, Stockfish level 8 will alway

Atomic960 TournamentIubar •

If anyone wants to try Atomic960: Hopefully will be fun!

An Interesting Zugswangluckykangaroo •

Nice! I think zugzwang is so interesting (especially in atomic.)

An Interesting ZugswangDiameterDiameter •

I found this interesting position in which White is essentially in zugswang for several moves deep:

Atomic WC ArenaZennez12344 •


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