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Atomic WC TEAM

A group for competitors and followers of the Atomic Chess World Championship (AWC)

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  1. Atomic Team Championship Trial! Puredication

    Hello everyone! I, Puredication, am a large atomic chess fan, and after discovering the Atomic World Championship, I decided to host the Atomic Team Championship! Plans are to eventually have teams o

  2. 2018 Champion - Arka50! letzplaykrazy

    Congrats to @Arka50 for such a strong showing this tournament! So many great games to go back and look through from everyone! :D Special thanks to @tipau and @ProgramFox for organizing this tour

  3. 2018 Champion - Arka50! TheFinnisher

    Congratulations to Arka50! Thank you tipau for organizing once again.

  4. 2018 Champion - Arka50! tipau

    After defeating onubense and then defeating me convincingly in two matches @Arka50 has retained his Atomic World Champion title! Congratulations to Arka! Having played Arka in the tournament I foun

  5. Streaming Finals tipau

    Hi all, The final between me and Arka50 (starting in 1 hour 40 minutes) will be streamed by the one and only @onubense! There will be a blue button linking to the stream on the lichess homepage, or

  6. Here is a way to study exactly how spammers play their lines. letzplaykrazy

    Pick the player whose games you want to study Pick the variant you want to see Choose whether you want to see their White or Black games Pick as many games as you want to see (1000 or 2000 will pro

  7. Here is a way to study exactly how spammers play their lines. Balamb_Garden

    Nice, could you explain how to exploit its features at its max? :)

  8. Here is a way to study exactly how spammers play their lines. letzplaykrazy

    See their opening tree and decide how you want to attack them.

  9. Streaming Finals Redscales

    Hey, I've been out of the loop a bit, so I just heard about the final. Anyway, cool! It's cool imadale is playing, as once we played approximately a 20 game match where I won only about 3 games ;)

  10. Streaming Finals Learning2Boom

    @tipau I will try to post the video later @onubenuse Thank you and will do!

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