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213 members

Atomic WC TEAM

A group for competitors and followers of the Atomic Chess World Championship (AWC)

Forum (270)

  1. AWC 2017 It's Final Time! tipau

    Congrats to @Arka50 the new champ! The match stream will be on up twitch for a while here: I will upload the match to YT soon as well and share the link he

  2. AWC 2017 It's Final Time! tipau

    @ProgramFOX no problem - good luck in your exams! @ijh if you're online and I need to go I'll message you. Thanks a lot.

  3. AWC 2017 It's Final Time! ijh

    @tipau I might be able to take over the streaming if you have to go. If I'm on, and I probably will be because I really want to see this match, feel free to shoot me a pm if you need me to stream.

  4. AWC 2017 It's Final Time! ProgramFOX

    @tipau As I'm having exams this week, I definitely cannot commit to saying in advance that I'll take over if necessary. However, if nobody else can be found that's certain they could take over: if

  5. AWC 2017 It's Final Time! tipau

    Hi all, I will be streaming the final on my twitch account I will have to leave at 20:00 GMT due to other commitments though. It's unlikely the match will still

  6. AWC 2017 It's Final Time! tipau

    So the final will now be on Thursday 14th December 18:00 GMT.

  7. AWC 2017 It's Final Time! tipau

    @Arka50 there's clearly been a misunderstanding. Sunday 17th was what onubense specifically suggested and when you agreed to play 'Sunday' it's not hard to see why he thought you agreed. If you can

  8. AWC 2017 It's Final Time! GM Arka50

    Why 17th? I never agreed to that, I was saying 10th of December, never specified a date

  9. AWC 2017 It's Final Time! tipau

    The final will take place on Sunday 17th December 21:00 GMT

  10. AWC 2017 It's Final Time! tipau

    Hi all, We're down to the last two players @onubense and @arka50. I expect it's a final that a lot of people wanted to see, especially after last year's semi final. I'm hoping for another exciting

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