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Atomic WC TEAM

A group for competitors and followers of the Atomic Chess World Championship (AWC)

Forum (576)

  1. AWC trophies now live Balamb_Garden

    Wow what a super cool trophy! Congrats for having won it in 2016 and good luck for the matches to come in this AWC!

  2. AWC trophies now live tipau

    Hi all, Some good news: trophies have now been added for winners of the AWC! They've been added for the 2016 and 2017 winners (@tipau and @Arka50) and should appear on the profile of future winners

  3. Player forfeited from AWC TeachMeHowToDougie

    In all fairness, I had a look at some of APU's past games and I dont think he cheated? His games after the onubense match included 10 games with Natso (in which he went 5-5, mainly trading white wins)

  4. Player forfeited from AWC TeachMeHowToDougie


  5. Player forfeited from AWC APU_1

    I havent cheated any game and its easily recognizable watching all the games and matches. I cant understand how is possible that nobody is able to realise it.

  6. Player forfeited from AWC linhbeo1806

    What why APU ? I can't believe that will happen I am also confused if my matches with APU_1 was also cheated ?

  7. Player forfeited from AWC APU_1

    I have just written to Lichess because they have not written anything about this... Thanks Iubar for the advice

  8. Player forfeited from AWC Iubar

    Well since lichess did set the mark, there is nothing to argue here i guess. But you can contact and argue there.. Sure its possible there was a mistake made (and I hope there was)

  9. Player forfeited from AWC APU_1

    Furthermore, im spanish like Onubense and i can show my level on live even travelling to his city to play. This is a shame, but i cant allow this words to me when im totally sure about my games...

  10. Player forfeited from AWC APU_1

    Its impossible that i have used computer assistance when i dont have used it. Even so, i have seen my games and its obvious that i didnt use it in any game, with mistakes, blunders and big mistakes.

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