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165 members

Atomic WC TEAM

A group for competitors and followers of the Atomic Chess World Championship (AWC)

Forum (238)

  1. AWC 2017 Bracket & Round 1 FeegLood

    FeegLood 6-1 misternav

  2. AWC 2017 Bracket & Round 1 tipau

    No worries, maybe the explanation will help other people wondering about the same thing.

  3. AWC 2017 Bracket & Round 1 ijnelson137

    Yeah I know, just wanted to ask some dumb questions XD. After I wrote it I felt a little silly. Thank you though.

  4. AWC 2017 Bracket & Round 1 tipau

    @ijnelson137 the usual process will be if an opponent hasn't replied by the end of Wednesday, then you can choose a time without their agreement. Then if they don't show up you win by default. For

  5. AWC 2017 Bracket & Round 1 ijnelson137

    I have already messaged leopard cheetah about our game but have not heard back, though I only wrote to the user earlier today. If they don't respond by the deadline are they out?

  6. AWC 2017 Bracket & Round 1 tipau

    I'm posting the times of the matches here: I'll do this for each round, in case anyone wants to follow them :)

  7. AWC 2017 Bracket & Round 1 tipau

    The entry has closed and we have 44 players. That's an increase on last year, so thanks to all participants! The tournament bracket is here: The first round matche

  8. AWC 2017 Timetable tipau

    Hi all, Based on the number of players so far (42) and because entry closes today I'm confident that there will be 6 rounds. Therefore the timetable will look like this: 30 Oct - 5 Nov = Round 1

  9. AWC 2017 Prizefund tipau

    Hi all, @FischyVishy has very generously offered to sponsor a $100 first prize for the upcoming Atomic World Championships! Thanks Fischy! If you'd like a chance to win the prize and title but h

  10. ANNOUNCEMENT - AWC 2017 tipau

    The Atomic World Championship 2017 is now open for entries! If you would like to join please message me by Friday 27th October. I'd also urge you to read the rules:

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