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HyperBullet Antichess Arena¼+1 • Antichess • Rated • 1hInner team
12k Members Arena3+2 • Antichess • Rated • 4hInner team
U1800 Arena4+2 • Antichess • Rated • 1hInner team
Bullet Antichess Arena¾+0 • Antichess • Rated • 1hInner team
Weekly Antichess Team Battle1.5+0 • Antichess • Rated • 1h 30mBattle of 139 teams


Lichess moderation ki maa ka bosdamaker_007 •

Loda lichess

What is the most played antichess variant?cFlour •

0+2, 1+0, 3+0, 1+2.

Antichess openingscFlour •

Depends on your style. Players who want to memorise deep theoretical lines play e3. Others keep changing their opening from time to time. Sometimes some players even play a different opening just to h…

Antichess openingsWaCkYpenguin •

Hello! For the opening as white in antichess I always play e3 but I see all the good players play different moves. Is there a better move?

Lichess antichess tournamentClea-doche84 •


Lichess antichess tournamentVietNam-Antichess •

Me too.

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