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Welcome to the official Horde team!

This is the home of Horde fans across lichess and the #1 place to play in regular horde arenas, marathons, and team battles of all time controls.

For the World Championship and other bracket tournaments join the Horde WC Team.

Message @ichinschlecht for any sponsoring.

Tournaments Schedule:

Time (UTC)DayEventTime Control
16:30WednesdayWeekly Hyper Arena0.5+0
17:00WednesdayWeekly Blitz Arena3+2
18:00WednesdayWeekly Bullet Arena1+0
14:00Every DayDaily Hyper Arena0.5+0
14:30Every DayDaily Blitz Arena3+2
17:00Every DayDaily Bullet Arena1+0


A guide to Horde by The House Discord.
Another guide by PhilippeSaner.

Introduction to Horde Opening Theory - a study on basic opening theory by Sinamon73.
Horde Opening Stuff - a study on 1. d5 and 1. e5 by Stubenfisch.
The Laws of Horde Chess - a compilation of instructive games by mindhunter0101.
Basic Horde Shuffle ideas - a study on the rook shuffle by WhiteDancingRockstar.
My Horde repertoire - a study by svenos on his opening repertoire.
The Lore of the Horde Lord - a study by maretate which goes deeper into horde chess.

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Daily Hyper Arena½+0 • Horde • Rated • 30mInner team
Daily Blitz Arena3+2 • Horde • Rated • 1h 30mInner team
Daily Bullet Arena1+0 • Horde • Rated • 1hInner team
Daily Hyper Arena½+0 • Horde • Rated • 30mInner team
Daily Blitz Arena3+2 • Horde • Rated • 1h 30mInner team


rating limit in horde turnirsfratermor2 •

What is a different between horde and usually chess about rating?

rating limit in horde turnirssicilian3 •

I don’t agree because I know we play with a 400 below rating player but after that we get a good rating player who has defeated the below rated player and not every time the queen falls, sometimes the…

rating limit in horde turnirsiamshivaansh •

i agree

rating limit in horde turnirsfratermor2 •

Why should I play with someone who is weaker by 400 or more points when winning gives me nothing, or if you play with a master who has 1000 points more but his queen falls out when carrying to the bea…

10k members arena TIME CONTROLichinschlecht •

@fratermor2 said in #52: > Doesn't the organizer see that tournaments with a big difference in rating fail? They don't. Literally every big tournament on lichess besides the titled arenas and the elit…

10k members arena TIME CONTROLamintavakkoli •


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