How many world records have you broken?

At first I thought that I broke a world record of world smallest pencil that i sharpened well it was small until i saw the Google ...

But one day at my school I found a pencil which looked similiar like the one in Google I picked it up and saw it was smaller. I was so happy i showed to my class. But I didn't sharp it so I didn't deserve the world record so I broke the little noke of it and threw it in dustbin.
Two actual records in a video game. Nothing obscure or weird that might be worth mentioning. Probably the world record for winning a blind magic draft though that is not hard to do. I also do not think it might qualify.
@LordSupremeChess said in #39:

You really like dominos. Crazy, man. Good job, I prolly wouldn’t have the patience for that.

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