How many world records have you broken?

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> You really like dominos. Crazy, man. Good job, I prolly wouldn’t have the patience for that.
There’s two more, I’ve just yet to upload the actual videos yet.
Ironically, I actually broke a record that I attempted to break about a thousand times after I’d already broken it, someone else broke it, but then I realized that my old pyramid was actually taller than the new record pyramid, so the guy had to redo it again; overall it was just one of those funny “what the hell” type moments in childhood.
I have the world record for standing on a sphere with a diameter of 13 for 17 hours & 47 seconds.
Lol I may not be the best at chess but I have other strengths and weaknesses.
i just broke severall world records. now those vinyls dont play anymore :(
1, maybe 2 in the future.

1) the first or only non-Indian-citizen deaf Hindū to recite the Vālmīki Rāmāyaṇa in Sanskrit and English.
2) in about 5-6 years, the first " to recite the Mahābhārata (Gita Press version in Sanskrit and Hindī, and the Bibek Debroy version in English)

I don't know if I would necessarily be the first BORN-profoundly deaf person to be classically trained in music and perform on stages.
I probably hold the World record for hermitude, I've won awards for it but obviously never showed up. :).
I have broken the world record for the least world records broken :)

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