How many world records have you broken?

I've broken 7, 3 which were overtaken, and 1 I didn't even know I had until I was scrolling through my old videos from 6 years ago!
If you count the shortest amount of time between a fart and a burp as a world record, let's say I did in <0.6 seconds.
I broke one lichess record for puzzles, but it got broken I think, I got 3408 in puzzles once.
I have many world records, such as first person to stand on a rock at 3:00 in the afternoon during an eclipse facing North and then turning 90 degrees to the west in exactly 1.257 seconds while holding a specific molecule .031 mm off from the exact center of my hand .
I dream I pass in front of a big black German Shepherd when it barks really loud. My world record is in lying down, sleeping high jump.
@SlowBerserk said in #7:
> I am holding the World Record in not bragging about my world records.
you blew it

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