You were born into a world with lots of other people and everything else. We could launch you into outer space, but the ride would be provided by taxation and socialism.

Wow the US really is suffering from this. In three days they'll have the most cases of any country. Up to 38757 recorded cases and 400 deaths. My heart goes out to those in New York, which is being hit the hardest with ~12000 cases found in the last 24 hours.


Space travel is PRIVATE these days, NOT Socialist. Socialist countries don’t even go TO space anymore. They ran out of stolen money.

Being born into a world =/= having to be ok with extortion.

Please make sense.


US is NOT suffering from this. US is suffering from Nazi government closing businesses and schools. People are not going to gym and to work and to parks and to walk, They are going to get even fatter now and being fat kills FAR more people than ANY virus.

Businesses that were forced to close, many of them will NEVER reopen because they lost too much money. But you and government politicians don’t care.

Are there deaths? YES! 150’000 every day, old people and those with weak immune system will die. Yes. This is not news. If they don’t die from this weak virus, they will die from something else.

We must recognize the fact that Mr. Doodbro, having lived in the state of Denial for so long that he insists the existence of pandemics means the summary of choices made by Americancs is weak, may be unable to cope with the culture shock of reality.

I advise you to have a little more cultural sensitivity in your arguments. For example, follow the customs of his homeland by doing the following (I discovered these practices in my prior debates with him):
a) copying, then editing, a peripheral statement he made, misinterpret it, and use this misinterpretation to try and prove a random outlandish claim or discredit him.
b) Accuse him of some sort of logical fallacy, then discuss government conspiracies against the environment.
c) When cornered, accuse him of dodging the question, even if he did not dodge the question.
d) If you can't bring a solid argument, dilute, dilute

It's sad that @clousems cannot discuss and debate issues in good faith. He'd have to question his far-right principles (or lack thereof) to do so.

Local sources tell me the national guard will be locking down new your tonight. The repercussions of the virus are now directly affecting my area.


"insists the existence of pandemics means the summary of choices made by Americancs is weak"

The proof is in the pudding. Trump & Fiends are talking about taking drastic SOCIALISTIC measures: Pudding government-extorted and/or printed from thin air money into useless eaters' pockets to save the capitalistic side of the economy. This is after two or three weeks.