Pretending that you're trying to actually engage with people, and saying things to rile them up is though @Doodbro. You haven't attempted to engage directly with anything that clousems has said, you just keep trying to find new ways to avoid actually responding.

I'm not a political person, and wasn't really referring to that half of your random ranting. I was more referring to the earlier economics `'discussion' where you couldn't seem to read what was being written. (How is #117, #119 not trolling? - How is consistently anthropomorphising the economy, and claiming you are not doing so not trolling?)


I have never claimed nor suggested that the economy has human traits. If you disagree, then directly quote my comment and show how I did.

117 and 119 were lighthearted responses to pompous gaslighting.

#74 "That tells me that the economy is weak."

Weak is a relative term, unless you have a specific definition in mind for "Weak economy", in which case please state it. (You seemed to completely avoid dealing with this)

#76 "It doesn't concern you, as a student of economics, that the economy seems to be on life support so quickly?"

This is a slight personification.


"I don't have to compare it. The crisis just started and the economy is in big trouble. [...] It not only doesn't value (most) people and planet, it exploits them. It tries to profit from everything. "

Here you are directly anthropomorphising 'the economy'. It's seems you're always referring to the US economy, and you're claiming that the US economy has the ability to value, or not value, people, and to exploit people, as well as the ability to procure profit.


"Re para 1: Of course the economy is not a sentient being. Why on Earth would you say that? The main problem is that the economy does not value the qualities that support sentient beings. In fact, it devalues the qualities that support life- it sucks as much out (extracts) as it can with the only quality concern being: Is it profitable? Not: Is it harmful? The economy has always been dissociated from the two most important contexts wherein it exists: the planet and the people"

The economy can't 'value' any qualities period.

1. I replied to that. Weak relative to pre- versus post-crisis. And in such a short period.

2. Not even close.

3. Those are general statements about the economy as a whole, not giving the economy human traits.

4. I guess any time we talk about the economy we're going to have to include a laundry list of clarifications since you two are being ridiculous. And I think it's you two that are "anthropomorphising" the economy; you're acting like I'm talking bad about your mothers. Why is that? Why do you feel the need to protect the non-human economy from my words?

So it turns out Democrats and the media lied again. Trump gave CDC MORE money, not less. When he became President he gave MORE money to the scientists and doctors who are checking viruses, looking for cures, testing, and so on. Just more fake news from the Liberal media. As always.

They started at his inauguration which was totally packed, but they kept showing empty crowds trying to make you feel that nobody likes Trump. Such liars.