@clousems I was hoping writing the question in such a way would leave 'yes' or 'no' as the only response. I think when the message has more than one idea in it, he doesn't understand know how to respond (and just chooses to respond to one of the ideas). He hasn't responded despite being online in awhile, so I guess he can see his own inconsistency.


No. Let's be pedantic. The "economy" is a non-human entity. It is not one thing, it is composed of many various actions, behaviors, rules, regulations, and much more, all which are ultimately performed by human "actors," although some are automated. These actors operate on different levels relative to the powers they can wield due to their political power, influence, position in the action they are involved in, wealth, access to wealth, and many more things.

That being said, political and economic systems are overwhelmingly dominated by the politically and economically powerful of society. Leverage is used to hold onto and gain more political and economic power. This leverage results in less powerful people (the overwhelming majority) being exploited.

Nonetheless, the main thrust of my sociopolitical economic "random ranting" is that society as a whole is fornicating "Mother Earth." I strongly believe this to be unwise. The main reason we as a society are not able to demand the necessary changes is mostly because we're seemingly trapped in a feudal-like system where we must produce goods and services for the majority of our time and lives or else our survival is threatened. And the big, wealthy, powerful corporations need it to be that way so they can continue to profit dearly. They need to extract resources which are causing undue harm to Earth's systems. They need to extract labor from workers. They need to unduly influence policy.

We live in an era like none prior (as is the case with all eras). We need to change the most pervasive paradigms, so that humans might survive. The Industrial Revolution brought us many conveniences. But we need to have an Environmental Industrial Revolution.

And, to keep the off-topic police happy: Covid-19 (AKA SARS 2) is highlighting the above. One of many negative consequences of our climate emergency modelled by scientists is more deadly and more frequent infectious diseases.

For those of you participating in logical fallacy lottery, hosted by doodbro, the winning numbers and fallacies are:
hasty generalization (74)
straight up question dodge (76)
Begging the Claim (82)
The Circular argument (88)
Ad populum (88)
Red Herring (90)
Missing the Point (97)
Ad Hominem (97)
False dichotomy (100)
Burden of proof (95)
Special Pleading (109)
Appeal to Nature (90)
Bandwagon (110)
Sharpshooter Fallacy (112)

Regarding the origins of the lottery: I got the idea because he kept accusing people of logical fallacies.

Sounds like someone's upset they didn't win the lottery

Sounds like someone's VERY upset they didn't win the lottery.

It's obvious you've got nothing.

I wish you well.