"If you can't bring a solid argument- dilute, dilute."

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That's straight out plagiarism.

It's good that all the measures that are being taken will massively decrease the impact of the Coronavirus. The downside is that afterwards, all of these people will say "Wow, what a waste of time, not that many people died"

It always happens.Some folks are never happy unless the are bad-mouthing anything anyone else does.

"They shoulda done it the other way..I woulda done it different..."

unoriginal but:
2004 - SARS Virus
2008 - Avian Bird Flu
2010 - Swine Flu (Midterms)
2014 - Ebola Crisis
2016 - Zika Virus
2020 - CoronaVirus
Am I the only one that sees a pattern here?

Numbers in South Korea and China are going down dramatically, South Korea is down from thousand(s) to like 70 people, China closing the extra hospitals, that drug version of Chroloquine they are using is very promising, it basically shoves Zinc into the cells (hint: take your zinc, guys, strengthen that immune system), this will be over soon and the economy will go thru the roof. Stock Market will go to record highs in days once there is confirmation that numbers are going down in USA.

Just as long as you all understand that you all had this or will have this virus. You all had flu, with or without symptoms. This is reality of life. You HAVE and WILL have viruses. The question is only how strong your immune system is. These viruses are helpless against a strong immune system.


"Stock Market will go to record highs in days once there is confirmation that numbers are going down in USA."

As a portion of your optimistic prediction, I'm sure some will figure out how to increase their wealth in unscrupulous ways. It's the hypercapitalistic American way.



And I’m sure government officials are so much more honest than private investors. Government bureaucrats and Politicians will certainly save us from the evil Capitalists.

People like you are so clueless, you speak of failure of Free Market and never about failure of government. You see, a McDonalds CEO can not make me eat his stupid cheeseburger, but a government official can force me at gun point to pay up in taxes for his limousine and big salary. But you only focus on how bad Capitalists are. My friend, it’s all just PEOPLE, government has bad people just like Wall Street has bad people. The difference is that government can FORCE you to give them your money, your labor, your savings, a capitalist can not. The capitalists like Trump and others are the only reason you are not performing back breaking labor in the field all day trying to get enough food to eat. It was Capitalism that invested in machines that make your life easier. It was Capitalism that gave you the computer you are typing on. Give it a rest with your Socialist propaganda.