What do you want changed in ?

Switch the name between bullet and blitz because light is faster than a bullet
Allow playing in a simul after it had started. So after having lost, Just start another game.
Very often I miss the low time alert during the game, so I would like an option for a `` second level' alert, more visual, than the one in the preferences. great site!
* 1. Delay clocks

* 2. Organised tournaments using short time + longish delay eg 1min + 15 secs per move or 30 secs + 10 secs per move.
Note those are delays so if you move quicker it doesn't get added on to your clock.

* 3. Separate ratings for variants for different speeds (bullet/blitz/rapid/classic) and promote more variant play at slower time controls (with organised tournaments)

* 4 Reduce number of game requirements for variants, or make it number of games in any form or any variant.

To create simuls where I can choose the starting position...such as all pawns against a king...etc
Lichess - Patron: As the fee for monthly payment is quite high for lichess (5-6% but at least 0.30$ per transaction - that means below 6$ the fee is the highest), I would like to propose to have also the possibility for other periods like -yearly-.

I guess a lot of users primarily want to support lichess - not paypal :D
Hello, I'm a chessteacher and I work with young, and some very young children. I already think Lichess is a marvellous chess server which helps me a lot in my teaching work and I'm very grateful for it!

But there are two tools that I miss terribly and which would be so useful I think for every chessteacher...

Here they are:

1) I wish I could give the possibility to my pupils to play illegal positions: for example, a position with only pawns (to play the cross the board, or a pawn battle game), or a position with only rooks and pawns (without kings). Here there are some examples of this games I would like to play on Lichess:

2) I would be very interested in playing simultaneous games from these illegal positions (so that I could for example play a simultaneous pawn battle against 5 or 6 pupils at the same time), or from a position that I created (from a FEN source for example). So I could, for example, enter a winning endgame in the position and see if my pupils really manage to win that winning endgame against me. (I just saw that Mrribby made the same suggestion in #85!)

Thanks a lot!
Have you tried ...

If you need something even simpler, then use the editor link.
- Try the editor link below ... (The students should always leave the king on the chessboard. The quicker they understand that a King can never be removed from the chessboard, the better.)
- Click on the bottom link and then press: Continue from here.
- Then press: Play with a friend.
- Then select the King color. Either pick White or Black King or pick the center King. With the center King, you'll know which color you get when the game starts.
- Then you will end up on a page called: Challenge to a game.
You can then send the link to a user or copy paste it for later or even cancel the link. the cancel is at the bottom of that page.
- It's not a simultaneous game against multiply players, but it's a good start.

Try out this position and skip the opening. It's starts in the middle game and the stronger player (White ) should always win.
Principle: The threat of capturing is more important than capturing. It creates lots of tactical pressures.
An option to decide whether or not to *claim the victory on time*, for correspondence games. I believe prompts you to claim the victory, or to give more time.

Similar to the "claim draw on threefold repetition" setting, basically.
The site is great. To be happy, it needs :
- Swiss Tournaments
- Swiss Team Tournaments
- Possibility to implement java diagrams on the club website.
Something like chessbase.

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