What do you want changed in ?

Hello. Please make it possible to create matches from two compulsory games so that the opponent can not refuse the rematch without accepting defeat. thanks

Hello. How can I download a database of games from other games (my favorites), and not just mine?

I propose to declare Horsey as the new Lichess official ambassador... Goodbye, Thibault Duplessis!

Just kidding, but Horsey would be a good pet for Lichess. Perhaps an exclusive section for children can be created.

How about having a virtual chess mascot arbiter.
Scroll down the link to see more ....

A Lichess arbiter mascot that could fallow our mouse from left to right but remain at the bottom of the screen.
It would be the one chatting to use when we leave the screen or it could say reconnecting.... pairings are being made. ..etc.

When a player is waiting because their opponent left the game, the mascot would appear, pacing on the bottom of the screen like K2000 kid car.....(to work, remove the spaces): youtu . be / oNyXYPhnUIs
The mascot could then sit down when they reappear and slowly fade away.

It could pretend it's your opponent and sit and ponder for the next move.
A small check box to turn the mascot off, ... for the players that don't like that.

Like this one ? I do.... Bye, bye horsey ... the mascot is coming ....

As a Team Leader I would like to create a team tournament where I can manually define the pairings (several rounds)

@toto999 Just ask your team players that want to participate in your tournament to look at your team forum pairing post. They would then, right click over the name you said they were paired with and challenge that player.
When the round time is over. You go through you club members names to see the results and put a new post in the forum. It works exactly like a normal chess club.

Tell the players their pairing number ...

Copy past the pairings from the link into a team forum post, make it look pretty and voila ...

Round 1

W player 3 - player 1 B
W player 4 - player 5 B
W player 2 - player 6 B

W player 3 - player 1 B => 1-1
W player 4 - player 5 B => 0-1
W player 2 - player 6 B => ½-½

Click 'L&S' (load and save) to pass tournament data to and from your text editor, by means of copy/paste

012 Lichess
022 Internet
032 fed none
042 date from now
052 date to end
062 6
072 6
082 0
092 swiss Dutch
102 arbiter you
122 40 moves/5 min. time, 5 sec increment
001 1 player1 2000 1.0 1 4 w 1
001 2 player2 1990 0.0 4 5 b 0
001 3 player3 1980 1.0 2 6 w 1
001 4 player4 1970 0.0 5 1 b 0
001 5 player5 1960 1.0 3 2 w 1
001 6 player6 1950 0.0 6 3 b 0

On correspondence daily games, allow for move confirmation check to be in place after a move is made. I double checked that my settings show it as being turned on to confirm the move but in a game today it's not happening that way


Thanks for the fast reply and the pragmatic approach!
Nevertheless it would be nice to define the pairings central in Lichess and the players would have just to logon and play.
This new feature could be the first step to a full support of swiss tournaments.

I am new to this platform and run an online club on here in these covid times.

I would love to see more tournament style options e.g.
- auto swiss pairing for chosen time limit, specify number of rounds
- round robin option for chosen time limit, single or double round

Arena style has its limitations - some players get to play way more games than others