What do you want changed in ?

It would be awesome to have a set of tactics from my own games.

I´ m using the learn from my own mistake functionality after my games relatively often and I´ m trying to convince the kids in my training group to do so as well. To get a better repeat effect it would be great if you could add a feature (e.g. in the "Learn" section, or next to the full game list) where I can train all the tactics puzzles in one place which I normally can train only on a game by game basis.

Some puzzles are stupid, don't make any sense or aren't forced
As a training it doesn't work

Can we make puzzle rating visible to all?

a year ago it showed how many people had solved the puzzle.

if only around 5k people solved the puzzle i knew it was a 2300+ puzzle with an unintuitive computer-ish move line.
if it was around 50k people who solved it, it was a reasonable puzzle around 1800-2100 rating.
if it was around 100k+ it was a popular puzzle with a creative solution like a smother mate in 3-4.

this kinda shows how u make a habit of informations which u shouldnt have.

Its really not clear when someone has left the room. Everything is white so it's hard to tell if you can ask someone a question or you're just chatting with the ocean. It should be crystal clear whether you're speaking to someone or not.

Some of the new classes that we created are no longer useful.
They need to be archived, closed, and deleted.
Archiving still lets them stay visible and permits them to be reopened.
But once the teacher no longer needs one of them, then the teacher should be able to close that class or press a button to request a mod to delete a named class.

Like my beta test classes... Thanks.

The ability to resize clocks. Maybe 20% of the 1 0 games I lose, I lose because I had no idea what my clock was. It takes too long to look at the clock because it's too small. In 1/2 0 this is even more prevalent. I want to try out different sizes, maybe enormous ones, like half the size of the board. Maybe you can think of some other things to do with the clocks that would help with this. I don't know, maybe some color customizations could help.

Toscani: thanks. I know that it's possible to do outside of lichess, as are many other UI changes. I know about the existing clock settings. I am asking for something different.

Make an option where you can restart your lichess rating (350 rating deviation), but you must start at 1000, as a penalty...