What do you want changed in ?

I want cheaters to get ip banned instead of warned and / or flagged

@SavageAntarctican it's still beneficial to make their life harder. Not to mention, you can and should also take steps like canvasing to track their browser / graphics card.

Come to think of it, I think lichess accounts should mandate TFA, that would also make it harder to circumvent bans and increase security, obviously.

Please add in 4 player chess, puzzle rush, and bughouse, since those are the ONLY reasons someone would play on chesscom over lichess.

Hi, I love lichess, it well designed and easy to play. Many thanks!

As we organise Swiss System blitz tournements in our chess club it would nice, to give individual players different playing time, like a positive or negative handicap. We have some older members that are not that good in playing very fast on PC, but also we have very strong members, so the rating difference is immens. Example: in a 5 min blitz tournement the strong player would get only 3 minutes and the weaker will get 5 or 7 minutes, depends on the rating difference.
This would help to attract also weaker players in our club to play in our tournements.

A search engine to find chess tournaments.

Skimming through Classified Tournaments, like you were job hunting.
Classified Tournament Team lists, with search features.
Like you Google for Jobs, ... you could Google for chess tournaments.

I would like to see more options to make the server kid friendly. I have a local group of scholastic players, and I worry most about chatting. I am really happy that LiChess has the new option to turn off chat in tournaments. Perhaps if the tournament director or team leader can moderate the chat with 10 minute time outs, that would help.
Overall, I'm really pleased by the no-chat kid-mode feature, and anything in that department is great.

The themed tournament ... show the opening moves to the theme, in the move list.
That way, anyone can see how the game unfolded to that theme position.
Without having to press wiki to see it on another site.