What do you want changed in ?


Swiss pairing tournaments

Knockout tournaments

Thanks for the hard work!

More quick pairing time controls.
Most important a 10+5 rapid time control.

More filters for correspondence games. I want to not see people who've played less than n games; ratings to not include anyone with ? in their rating; only want to see rated standard games; don't want to see anyone with < n% game completion.

More logos. I think there should be more logos. For sure.

Avatars beside the user names during the game. Picked like we picked our flag for our profile. Not an avatar someone desides to upload.

Or permitted to have an Avatar Empty space to make an image with our keyboard: (Example)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Or have a square chessboard (px/in) beside our user name and we click on the pixel squares to change the colors to make our image with the 64 squares. A photo could be created into a pattern of color dots in the chessboard. No need to upload a photo.

The last idea, is my favor. If every square we could type a color number, then we could have the colors we want. Like : Green #008000

Every square we could type the color we want and the image would be created.

From high to low priority:
(1) The possibility to modify or delete a tournament after I created it (and before it starts of course).
(2) The possibility for a team owner to send a message to all team members.
(3) Subscription to team forum alerts - some way that a team member gets alerted that there is a new post in the team forum
(4) Puzzle tournaments
(5) The possibility to prearrange simuls days in advance just like tournaments
Thanks for asking!

Hi @liflitz,

Your #1 is already possible, I saw it yesterday.

When the torunament is created it appears now like a "wheel configuration". Click there and you can change or delete it.


Hi again!

A pinned post where only admins are allowed to publish the new lichess features (like on every Telegram update) will save a lot of Q/A


@Harshab try ctrl-f on the tournament page, it works on a PC. On a mobile device it is not avaiable.

@PabloRuizPicasso +1 for more classical tournaments.
weekly classical - I was under the impression there was a weekly on Friday evenings 19:00 - 00:00, but cannot find it now. I even set a calendar entry for it. It is difficult to attend though, maybe the interest was too little.

Edit: I think the Classical Shield is Friday 10 April 18:00, that may be why the normal weekly is not scheduled?