What do you want changed in ?

@danpi thanks!!! That brings me to another request: a site listing the new features!

It would be great if simuls were another type of tournament, so if participation is limited to members of a team, these simuls (which would need to be prearrangable as stated above) also show up in the tournament list of the team page.

Um auf dieses Thema antworten zu können, mußte ich erst zum letzen Post blättern, eh das Eingabefeld kam. Muß nicht sein oder? Bitte gleich auf der ersten Seite ermöglichen.

When games embedded in your own website, the notation is PGN-notation, not 'muddy' symbols.

@Klappaschlang Reply makes more sense after the last post, though...
BTW, you don't need to scroll to the last post - use the page links < 1 2 3 ... 99 > at the top and bottom of each page. The last page number is supposed to take you to the last page, though I did not verify this yet.
Maybe an option to sort the posts by latest first?

I would like an in-forum translation facility - just a nice to have luxury ;)
Imagine I wrote all of this in AF - ZA, who would take the trouble to translate :D

+1 for more types of tournaments: Swiss & Knock-out

Yes, that might do the trick: sort the other way round to show the latest posting first.
No wait, I would still have to jump to the last page to enter a new comment, right?
But it IS just nice to have ...

The option to have your clock at the top of the screen ! My natural tendency is to look up to check my time in bullet games. Optional only ….

It should be made impossible to choose a colour for rated games. They should always be random. If players want to make sure they get white/black (for training purposes, for instance) they can do so in unrated games. I've got the impression that an increasing number of players want to play white most of the time. Sometimes you have to look really long for someone in your preferred rating range who does not insist on playing white. After all, you can't choose your colour in tournaments. The same should be the case for all rated games.

A Round robin button in the team section and for the home page:
A player would simply press a time control button like the Quick picking buttons to join a Round robin table.
When 4 players have joined or picked that (5 minute) button the tournament starts.
Ratings are not changed until all four players have completed the tournament.
Penalties are given to players that drop out or leave the webpage for assistance.
Like not being able to rejoin that table, but that doesn't stop the rest of the players to continue the original mini tournament. Even another player can join an incomplete tournament, but they will not have played all the players, because they joined late.

I think it would work well. It could also be a double round robin. Players play each other and at the end of the first round robin players are rated and offered to play again with a rotation of colors so they don't have the same color twice against the same player.