What do you want changed in ?

1. Please provide a total game score summary between me and the Player of the Profile that I'm currently viewing.
2. Please allow us to add and avatar photo.
3. Please let us know if that player is using touchscreen or PC mouse.

Multiple accounts:

I would like to see that multiple accounts are NOT tolerated for anything other than blindfold chess.

Blindfold variant:

I would like to see blindfold chess as a new variant.

Specialised forum moderators:

I would like to see a:
- Grammar moderator, that has authority to moderate forum messages to improve grammar,
- Translation moderator, that has authority to translate a post to english, from specific languages.
- Content moderator, that removes offensive content.

Each moderator will include an @username line to inform the user that his post hase been modified, and give him opportunity to confirm that his intend was not changed, in the first 2 cases. Or alternatively a PM to the user?

This could be an alternative way to contribute to the lichess community.

Game chat in tournaments:

I would like to have a game chat window while playing in a tournament game, as well as a note tab.

Optional streak bonus on/off button in custom tournament advance options, next to Allow Beserk on/off.

When you block someone, it should be as if that account doesn't exist. No messages in forums, chat, spectators in games, etc etc. Nothing.

A more marked alert than the one that can be activated in the preferences when the remaining time becomes critical. That's something i would really appreciate.

Add this quick play time controls:

3|3 (replace 3|2)
5|5 (replace 5|3)
5|15 (replace 10|5)