Display message when follower stops following. PLEASE

Please do something about this, we can't play brilliant chess with all these mind games of following then unfollowing without having to tediously load a long list of followers and following list. Please give us a message as to who from our long list has stopped following us please, it isn't hard to code that please, it will help the lichess community exponentially as those who are building links to grow lichess have to follow a massive double list of followers and following just to find out which person has made us follow while pretending to momentarily follow us and then in actuality has stopped following, please do something about this.

Why exactly do you need to know the number of followers you have?

1. You can use the Relations API and write your own script to notify you.

2. Your whole description of following people just so they'll follow you back, mind games, etc. just sounds hollow and vain. The root of the problem is caring about any of that at all.

None of my 12 million or so followers would ever unfriend me...they are all honest sincere caring true friends of mine forever.And if any of them ever does,I'll troll the living shit out of them and tell everyone else to do the same.

Vertonghen - Affirmative her 12 mil turned out to be 7

bunyip - Thanks for your kindness, may I join your 12 mil followers in the making?

ChesswurmOTB - I'd like to connect with people here but it's too time consuming to scroll 62 followers atm and will only get worse thus a simple notification from lichess will suffice.

Matein32 - Thanks for trying to help in you own way but caring is not hollow and vain. You replied back because you care that does not make your description hollow and vain like you claimed mine was just because at the root I care, right?

Just produce quality work - and your followers will stay!

CM Sarg0n - My problem is not gaining them or keeping them. It's just too tedious of a list to peruse every now and then just to find out which troll started following so that I follow back and then stopped following thereafter. If only we can get a notification stating x has stopped following, it would help exponentially.

Master Raffiel...Why you care for followers or unfollowers..Play your games...Winning or loosing the games is for you..Not for your followers or unfollowers...They watch simply your games ...Ultimate result is not giving effect to them..If they follow ...say yourself..."Ok follow me "..If they unfollow you..."ok unfollow me"...There is no good for your games if you observing it..Just play your games..Enjoy your games...