Computer Errors / Mouse Slips

@Qveen_Sacrifice Hello. I want to give a few analogies on this matter concerning the debate going on. Please understand none of this is intended to strike at personal notions, or "right and wrongs" but more towards the standing rules and the nature of the game itself. I'm hoping you might agree on some points.

Fair play is to follow the rules of the game. We've all heard that saying: "don't hate the player, hate the game". Accidentally placing a piece on an unintended square can happen two ways when playing otb, 1: the player moves his piece one square shy of where he wanted but didn't notice until he let go. It is now against the rules to fix it and he must work with the consequences of his mistake. 2: a player is working out a line from the position and on his turn he accidentally grabs the piece he was going to move in the second step of his line, but by the rules of the game he must now move that piece. Mistakes are part of the game, everybody makes them even the masters, and there is no take back in otb rated tournaments. Now if you are playing otb with a friend casually, or un-official, than take backs can be quite normal.

You mentioned Esserman! (High five) I love his stream. Marc plays a lot of games with his students/friends rated and casual, I believe he doesn't mind giving occasional take backs because he is usually very comfortable with his game, and if it helps his students there is no harm done.

Concerning online chess, when playing rated games we should consider mistakes such as a mouse slip to be paralleled with the otb mistakes mentioned above. Playing rated games makes chess a competing sport, all competing sports have to play by the rules without exception.

In light of all this, it simply isn't fair to think ill of our opponents for denying a take back in a rated competition. We should respect are opponents and their commitment to their own improvement. : ) Thank you for joining us on lichess. Feel free to join the Marc Esserman fan club the link is on my profile page. Good games!

To the original poster: yes you are right. However your proposal would fall short because you assume that all participants will act in good faith. A unilateral takeback option would lead to many more problems than it would solve.

Then we have the usual people ranting and raving about takebacks, and use some sort of imaginary OTB rules to justify their nonsensical opinion. Takebacks are just a tool to correct unintentional moves, and people with a healthy common sense can distinguish that from a blunder.

Still a silly proposal. How can you ever tell what the "real" intention was?
There are probabilities, of course. Recently, when my opponent mover Kf1 while his rook on h1 never had been moved before, I offered a takeback without him asking. But I do not think that I was obliged.
So what is bad etiquette? That I offered it or that he didn't say thanks? @Qveen_Sacrifice has a strange opinion of how people should behave ...

Someone else in here and my post above just explained how a misclick is a blunder just as much as making a bad move. Does no one else agree that when playing RATED games it is the player's responsibility to properly move his own piece. Therefore no matter what happened wether it be an earthquake or your pet cat swatting the mouse from your hand either way, your opponent is not in anyway obligated to grant a take back request, and it is wrong of us to judge him as a bad guy if he doesn't, because he is playing by the rules and that is all that matters. We all agree to this every time we play rated these are simply the rules.

I don't think anyone is obliged to give takebacks.
I also don't think that Floyd Maywearher can be proud of his victory against Victor Ortiz either. Yes it was not against the rules but that was not sportsmanship. Taking advantage of something like that, while having the right to do so, is not exactly a classy thing to do.

I didn't see that fight @Morozov. It's okay to have a friendly disagreement now and then. Even in a fight though, if both contestants agree to a fight and the goal is to win than I believe all options within the rules are perfectly acceptable. I can personally relate to the fighting aspect. I've been in martial arts for over ten years and have competed in local mma full contact fighting, I won a lot of fights, and gained some popularity, I also lost a couple the painful way. KO TKO even getting choked out can be painful as hell. But for each fight that I lose I Never Ever imagined any kind of excuse of unfairness, I will not dishonor all my years of hard work training and dedication with a petty pouty excuse, I get up shake hands train my ass off for 6 months while going over my mistakes. Then go for the rematch.

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