Chat Mod (Part 2)

The original topic was closed at , but I feel that there were a few things left unsaid. First off, I saw @bufferunderrun respond with the FAQ part of . That piece of the FAQ is honestly total garbage, as Lichess obviously has not "contacted people directly", or else arena chats would not get so bad, now would they? It also was not an application for a full on position, but just to simply get the "Chatban for 10 minutes" button. @kazamaza has been here for years doing great things and putting his life into this website, so mods clearly cannot tell who "someone who we think would be good as a moderator" is.

Also @Toadofsky , making an automated program is not a terrible idea, but kazamaza was right about how it might mistake an active person for a spammer. I think you need to realize that computers still can't do everything humans can. If you program something banning too many messages, and I put "yes" and "see you tomorrow" too closely, then I could get chat banned, while someone who just says the "f word" would not.

Lastly, I am tired of threads such as the original Chat Mod thread getting closed/archived so quickly. It is as if you mods are simply shrugging off our suggestions, which is irritating when I am an Officer of Kool And The Gang, and we do everything we can to make Lichess look good for you. It needs to be clear that the reason you do your work is to make this site better for everyone, which includes us, the members. If you have ever heard the story of The Three Questions, then the answer to the question "Who is the most important" would be us, the users.

It probably does not matter what I say though, this forum will probably end up closed as well, now won't it? ;)

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

@Puredication sushhhh man they will accuse you being not so " humble " as they did to me coz i was stating facts !

I would like to say that this is not coming from KATG, aka kazamaza, but from me myself, so if this makes someone angry, take it out on me, not the group.

Also, the motive behind this is not to create tension. I just want to improve Lichess, and part of that includes making sure Arena Chats are clean.

If you have been mod for a certain time - not sure if you would apply once again voluntarily...

Just wait until you are asked.

@Sarg0n He is not asking for the entire moderator job, only to be able to control chats a little when people say rude things and mods are not there, and with how often he is on, it should not be too hard.

As for being asked, how soon do you think that will happen?

Let me iterate this once more:
It’s not possible to apply to become a moderator. If we see someone who we think would be good as a moderator, we will contact them directly.

Doesn't matter whether it's mod max, classic or light.

Now, if you see someone behaving inappropriately, use
You can also disable chat entirely, see

@bufferunderrun I understand everything you just said, although I am not sure if you understand our part. I have no idea when the last time someone was recruited as a moderator was, so that part of the FAQ should be removed. I know a few people that have hopes of if they stay active in forums, create studies, and play games, you will one day ask them to be a mod. If that will not happen, however, stop getting their hopes up.

As for disabling the chat, that is not what we are talking about. I enjoy talking to my friends in the chats, but it is when some jerk comes and curses us out that it ruins the experience.

There isn't anything more to discuss. The FAQ is accurate.

"How can I become a moderator?
It’s not possible to apply to become a moderator. If we see someone who we think would be good as a moderator, we will contact them directly".

There is no point in applying or making petition.

#1 I certainly agree that sentiment analysis etc. are nontrivial. It's just that I anticipated and fully agree with #6 so I attempted to take the conversation in another direction.