Chat Mod (Part 2)

Yeah, I was in an ultrabullet chat the other day and this guy joined and spewed anti-semetic crap, and we reported him, he got banned, he made another account, we reported that too, and within 2 minutes, he got banned. Mods are great! Thanks a lot Lichess team!

@kazamaza and @Puredication I totally agree with you both , let the topic be closed now.

I've used lichess for some time now , I have never seen anyone as loyal and as hardworking as @kazamaza . He spends huge amounts of his time trying to improve his game and spreading kindness around lichess. If the mods don't think he deserves to be a mod , I don't know who does. Kaza has always been there when I needed support and I will now support him. Sorry If I have said anything wrong , I'm not trying to cause any trouble , we members only want to improve this amazing site.

Thank you
Patzer ;)

I think the big problem here is that people aren't taking the time to report, they just assume or would like to assume that there is a mod in every tourney chat. If you report, the mods will come and investigate. There are already many mods, and while kaza is undoubtedly a good member of the lichess community, petitioning and giving reasons for him to be a mod won't help.

expectation after expectation plus expectation leads to pure dictation

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