Chat Mod (Part 2)

We get new mods all the time. Most of them chose to stay anonymous. Which is perfectly understandable.

Prolly because they have better things to do than to watch every single tournament chat 24/7. Do you know how many tournaments there are on lichess every day?

@lovlas IM Lovlaaaaaaaaaaaas we love you bro , i didnt mean to create all this tension and im sorry if i did indirectly i just witness so many spammers lately and today i was so annoyed coz of it so thought to offer help , some ppl here start making a fuss about it with their reply in the preview post, anyway, im sorry again for all the trouble that this topic caused .
@Puredication thank you for your great support, your awesome man,
lets close this thread now please, never our intentions to make any troubles here it was just the urge to help and be useful protecting our sweet home lichess .

No trouble. I wouldn't worry about it. The best way to assist is to use The mods are usually super quick, but they have to see the problem to deal with it. We can't always be around in every chat.

I agree with closing this topic before we escalate into any trouble @lovlas and @kazamaza

The point of this post was to say that we need more moderators to help Lichess stay successful. I also did not like the way kazamaza was treated in the former post, but I believe that this thread might have helped with that.

Have a great day everyone,
Puredication :)

@lovlas will do that Sir, thank you for your replies and understanding , have a great weekend much love and respect to you and for everyone trying to make lichess a better place to be.