Why I shouldn't play with computer?

People always recommend chess players to play against humans, and not computer. But I wonder why they say so. In my opinion, playing with computer is quite helpful because of the following reasons -

1. Computer won't get tired of playing with you.
2. You can play with it whenever you want.
3. You can change its difficulty to suit your level.
4. You can learn a perfect response by computer against any move you make.
5. You have a strongest opponent to beat who never blunders.

I agree that playing with humans is more fun. But playing with computers has its own perks.
Please share your views.

Yes it is good, but no fun.

1. On a big platform like lichess, you will always find a non-tired human opponent
2. On a big platform like lichess, you can play whenever you want
3. No, you can't. Level adjustment is done by throwing in random blunders
4. You cannot learn the perfect response for every possible position on the board. And one single piece standing slightly different, can change everything.
5. This is not helpful. Playing against a computer lacks the most important thing of strategy games: Guessing your opponent's plan. IMO, for a social being like us humans, it is crucial in whole life to be able to understand the thoughts of your rivals, friends, bosses, parents, partners ... This is why we love games like chess: We train to guess other people's thoughts. And exactly this is not possible when playing against a computer.

playing with computer is good but they play very fast and we can't understand what they play and no fun and the computer will never blunder and we can't win and it will be boring if we play with humans each person has different style and it has some fun and useful and we can win and lose

do you know what are their ratings. i played with all and i remember only stockfish level 1 and 8. stockfish 1 is 800 and stockfish level 8 is 3000. can you believe it! stockfish level 8 rating.

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"Computer gae big"-Gill Bates (evil twin of Bill Gates)

There are some computer issues:
1. Bad openings - if playing without opening book
2. The moves it recommends often make no sense.
3. You can learn a move from the computer that you would never play in a human game because it's looks terrible and is losing without computer's continuation.
4. You have the strongest opponent who will crush you.
5. If computers do not play on full strength but on weaker levels their style is very unrealistic, for example they fight for a pawn like a master then suddenly they make a random move leaving the rook to be captured.
6. You may think that you can learn to play like a computer watching its games. But it doesn't work like this unless you exchange the brain for some integrated circuit business.

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