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  3. Why everyone playing bad on classical?

I like to play classical games, in my opinion it is more enjoyable than blitz or bullet. But i realised something about classical games nobody plays it as it should be. They make moves fast and make too many mistakes. Nobody cares classical i think. There should be more classical tournaments maybe daily classical would nice. What you guys thinking about it?

Bullet and blitz players are prevalent on Lichess. I personally love 10/8 or 10/10 rapid. There are many proper classical players on Lichess, but they are definitely in the minority. If you want to play strictly classical chess I would avoid finding games through random lobby pairing... you'll be paired up with alot of blitz and rapid players who only play classical sporadically or on a whim. Try networking... find the 'real classical players' and establish communication. There has got to be some classical player communities you could join and if not just start one. Also, classical chess and tournaments do not pair well with each other ina an on-line setting... just my opinion. Best of luck to you.

You should join the 45+45 league the next time its open or their is a lonewolf league of 30+30 starting soon.

Link to signup for the lonewolf league

The slack group for these leagues are where you will find the people who enjoy classical games that @Celestial_Object mentioned.

When I play slow, I tend to make more mistakes and blunders.

After you play blitz and/or bullet a lot, it's hard to turn off "blitz thinking". At times, I tend to forget this is classical and keep blitzing moves out, the results are not so good, as you can imagine.
It takes some time (and effort) to slow down and play normally. For me, at least.

I definitely agree. People don't take enough time to think nowadays. I'd be willing to play some serious classical with you, if you want. Although you'd probably beat me.

i have stopped playing blitz & bullet, i have now strictly switched to classical 90 + 0 and its very hard to find pairing and when i do they immediately abort

Thanks for your concern guys. If anyone want to play classical, follow me and i will follow you back. Then we can play classical when i am online. @Irishman964 and it is not about beating mate you know it is just a game you win or you learn everymatch is different experience but i dont wanna play with someone that plays fast and randomly. Anyway thanks to everyone for advices and you should improve yourselves on classical it is fun :)

See post #3... I just joined the 45+45 league for the first time and it is great!
Not only do you get league matches but if you join Lonewolf (30+30) and the game series mini league(90+30) you get some guaranteed classical action.
There is the obvious benefit of also being able to see players who like to play classical so you can arrange potential games outside of the league structures too.


Firstly, CONGRATULATION giving up quick-clock and taking up slow-clock.

You'll find that all of the value-added growth occurs at longer time controls.

If GMs can spend 30 minutes on a single move, then there is no reason to think that our clocks should be any faster than that.

Secondly, lots of people don't like playing provisional newcomers for various reasons. Just tolerate it for a few days and you'll be officially ranked and you won't have to worry about people aborting anymore.


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